Freelance & Project Management Resources

I'm always seeking to fine tune systems. After each project I tweak my paperwork, templates and working style so I can bring the lessons learned into the next project. Here are some resources that I use all the time which will help you improve efficiency, time management, and communication.



Stage Managing for dance is different from theatre in many ways. For one, there's no script! I create my own dance calling score using a combination of written notes and diagrams and this template. 

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It's critical to have good lines of communication with your Front of House managers. During festivals or tours there is limited time to build that relationships and ensure details get shared. I created this Front of House Information sheet to make sure I don't forget any details, and so they have a quick reference guide. 

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I took the Heart of Business Program "Foundations1: Clients & Money" in 2015-2016. The training is presented in a thoughtful, heart-centred way. Heart of Business believes that "every act of business can be an act of love." Reading their articles and participating in the course helps me to slow down and consider my values and priorities and how to integrate them in my business.



I've tried a bunch of different systems for tracking my money as a freelancer. You Need A Budget is changing how I think about money, and their software is really easy to use. Along with a 34-day free trial, they offer many educational webinars, blog posts and videos.  

Use the button below to sign-up and get 1 month free if you subscribe!

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I've always felt like a pretty organized person. Then, in 2013 I was coordinating two national tours and was Secretary on the board of a local non-profit. There was too much to keep track of in my notebook. I realized I needed a better system for handling multiple projects. Enter task-management software Omnifocus which has been my go-to system since then. 



I've had savings accounts with Tangerine for a long time, since back when they were ING Direct. After I graduated college and my bank began charging me service fees I couldn't afford, I switched to Tangerine's no-fee chequing account. 

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