As a student technician in high school I benefited from the experience of alumni who returned to mentor me and other students. These professionals shared their knowledge and industry expertise with us. Their enthusiasm and generosity drew me towards post-secondary training and a career in arts and event management.

Over the years I have benefited from the mentorship of many individuals - both through formal apprenticeships and through informal mentorships. Today I enjoy teaching and mentoring students of all ages, and inspiring others to take risks, learn, and embrace their passions.  

Is there a workshop or seminar topic that you would like to see covered? Interested in mentorship for yourself or a student?  Contact me and we'll set up a meeting to see what the best fit is for both of us. 


Introduction to Stage Management - $225.00 - 3 Hours - Maximum 15 Students
This course is designed for high school or college-level students wishing to gain a basic understanding of the Stage Management and Assistant Stage Management roles. During the workshop we touch on typical job descriptions, how to take detailed notes, health and safety in the theatre. Stage Management Prompt Books are introduced, with discussion on noting cues and blocking. The session includes a 30 minute "rehearsal" lab. 

Stage Management: Tech Week & Shows - $225.00 - 3 Hours - Maximum 15 Students
This course builds on the "Introduction to Stage Management" course, covering Tech Week and Show Runs. From moving to the theatre, to how to run cuing sessions and tech rehearsals, Opening Night, show reports, and Closing a Show. The lab portion of this class involves practicing calling cues and running a scene change rehearsal. 

Stage Management: The Prompt Book - $225.00 - 3 Hours - Maximum 8 Students
A focused, hands-on class, this session allows students to create their own prompt books, either from scripts they will be stage managing in school or from a sample script. All students receive access to sample prompt book pages from a variety of professional stage managers. 

Introduction to Stagecraft - $150.00 - 2 Hours - Maximum 30 Students
This course is designed for drama students to orient them to the world of Stagecraft and Theatre Production. We'll cover the Theatre Space, Basic Sound, Basic Lighting, Cues and Scripts, and Health & Safety. This course can be broken up into two sections to fit within classroom hours. 

"Heidi, thank you for teaching such wonderful stagecraft workshops to my drama classes. You were outstanding! Your technical knowledge is impressive, your communication skills are exceptional, and you approach each lesson with genuine enthusiasm. I felt at ease knowing that my students were getting important safety skills from your lessons, and the students themselves loved the hands-on approach to the learning. I can't wait to work with you again in the near future. I would hire you again in a heartbeat! 
Theresa Webber, Drama Teacher
   Magee Secondary School
 Backstage at Voices Together 2015, mentoring Production Assistant Esther. 

Backstage at Voices Together 2015, mentoring Production Assistant Esther. 

" Thank you for the additional prompt script examples, I'm stage managing another show at my school so I think they will come in handy! I learned so much from being mentored by you and there aren't many things I'd say needed improvement. I think the system in which you had meetings with me and then guided me through it was perfect for me. Having you at tech was also amazing and really helped me to be less nervous and more confident. It was comforting to know that I could go to you with any questions that arose but I could also be in control of my own tech. You were very thorough with much of your teaching so there's really not too much more I'd say I needed. I loved how much you taught me about the logistics of the job and exactly what tasks were under my jurisdiction. It really allowed me to wrap my head around what this production was and how I was a part of it early on."
- Nadine Palaez, Stage Management Workshop Participant and Mentee